Our Model

Shram Sarathi has a field based model and operates through rural and semi-urban branches located in underserved block areas/ tehsils. We have a footprint both at ‘source’ and at ‘destination’. 

Interest on loans and fee incomes are the primary source of revenue.

Shram Sarathi operates within a larger ecosystem of migration services offered by Aajeevika Bureau. These include identity, legal aid and skill training.  Through such a hybrid model, Shram Sarathi has designed products and delivery channels that address the financial needs of workers within the context of their migration patterns and vulnerabilities. Workers thus benefit from a customized solution combining both financial services and migration support services.


To become a leading agency working towards ensuring secure, dignified lives of communities dependent on migration and labour.


​1. To enable financial inclusion of communities dependent on migration and labour via provision of financial services so that they are able to increase incomes, manage cash flows, and reduce the cost of migration. 

2. To establish a sustainable model that will serve as a glass house for financial service providers to engage with migrants.

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About Us

Shram Sarathi is a section 8 company, incubated by Aajeevika Bureau in 2007 with a vision to ensure secure, dignified lives of communities dependent on migration and labour.  Shram Sarathi’s financial services work is situated within a larger ecosystem, of migration support and services offered by Aajeevika Bureau. It is the first dedicated financial services institution in the country that offers financial services to vulnerable migrant workers and their households.

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