• Term Life Insurance
  • Contributory old age pensions
  • Micro-Investment program to promote savings habit.

  • Returnable Grants for emergency situations
  • ​Returnable Grants for Enterprise Promotion

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  • Over indebtedness counseling to help the vulnerable migrant communities escape from the loan loop
  • Affordable loans for income diversification, cash flow management, agricultural improvement, food security, and asset creation

​​Migrants from Rajasthan earn only Rs. 9000 per month on an average

​​Our Services

  • Financial Fraud Mediation & Intervention
  • Financial and Digital Literacy Clinic: A field based model where we provide various financial services that help the community in informed financial decision making.

In the absence of men, women pay interest rates as high as 5-10% per month

Financial Inclusion of Seasonal Migrant Workers

There are over 150 million seasonal migrant workers in India mostly engaged in  unskilled work in industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, hospitality, domestic work and head loading.  They remain excluded from formal financial services due to low incomes, risky jobs and their constant movement between source (villages) and destination (cities)

Most seasonal migrants receive wage payments in cash, often with fraudulent deductions and delays. Being unfamiliar with cities, they also lack access to basic banking services , affordable credit and exclusion from crucial social security such as insurance and old age pensions. In the absence of men, the women left behind in villages struggle to manage cash flows and raise credit in the event of emergencies.

Migrant workers enter labour markets at an early age of 13-14 years which usually leads to early return and retirement. In most cases  migrant families slide back into poverty with limited or no savings. As a result of poor access to formal financial services, migration for this group of workers becomes a poor economic opportunity.

Therefore Shram Sarathi was established to address the financial needs of this group of workers and to create greater visibility about their challenges in the financial sector. 


Shram Sarathi offers a diverse suite of financial services to seasonal migrant communities. These services are delivered through unique channels both in rural and urban areas with high concentration of footloose workers. Our services include:

Significant % of migrant workers lack access to bank accounts