Simplifying cash withdrawals and access to government benefits during the lockdown

Cash-for-Work & Food-for-Work

Collective action to build critical community assets and ensure food security during the lockdown

Shram Sarathi worked closely with rural banking agents to ensure that migrant families could withdraw government DBTs from their bank accounts. Through our network of banking agents, we processed over 15.5 million rupees of withdrawals during the period of the lockdown. This  also helped prevent over-crowding at bank branches. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown severely affected migrant workers across the country. Shram Sarathi's team workers tirelessly to provide immediate relief to affected migrant families and also address concerns around unemployment, loss of income and financial well-being. More details on our relief and rehabilitation work can be found here


Building economic resilience of migrant households

Shram Sarathi and Aajeevika Bureau jointly supported over 6600 migrant families with unconditional cash transfers and cash coupons to ensure food security and help them meet expenses during the lockdown. Outcomes of this initiative shall be published shortly. Watch this space!