Yield on portfolio:


100% of Shram Sarathi’s portfolio qualifies as Priority Sector Lending (PSL); 99% clients are from marginalized ST and SC communities; 22% of the portfolio are agricultural loans for small and marginal farmers




5 Year CAGR:



Insurance clients

​​Our Services


Repayment rate

7.2 crore INR

O/s loan portfolio

​​Operational Snapshot (as on November 30, 2018)


Micro-pension clients


Active loan clients

Average loan term:

​​20 months

Average loan size:

​​INR 16,000

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Shram Sarathi offers a diverse suite of financial services to seasonal migrant communities. These services are delivered through unique channels both in rural and urban areas with high concentration of footloose workers. Our services include:

· Affordable loans for diversifying incomes from migration, managing cash flows, improving agricultural yield and food security, creation of assets and enterprises

· Mason advisory services and home completion loans for migrant families to ensure well-being and safety of family members left behind

· Soft loans and health services (through partnerships) for better tuberculosis treatment adherence among affected migrants

· Term life insurance

· Contributory old age pensions

· Gullak  savings program and opening of savings bank accounts to help families left behind manage male absence and create wealth

· Facilitating digital wage payments between unorganized workers and contractors to reduce the incidence of wage disputes

· Remittances and payments

· Financial literacy programs including wage-arithmetic and simple tools for financial well-being